NOAH16 London Startup Competition



Beezer is the fastest way to create and distribute mobile apps.
Beezer is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that allows marketing managers and business owners to quickly and easily create their own mobile app without any technical or developer skills.
At Beezer we see the app store model, where a handful of giant companies hold a monopoly on finding and distributing apps, as a fundamentally broken system. To counter this we built a platform that allows anybody to create their own app, then share it directly with their customers and audience across previously incompatible devices, without having to list on an app store.
With Beezers’ operating system-agnostic apps you no longer need to create different apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and so on. One app works on all operating systems and devices. This means if you have one user with an iPhone they can instantly share the app with their friends, multiplying the viral spread of your app.

Brian Smillie, CEO

CodeMonkey is a new way to teach and learn computer programming. Since launching in 2014, over 3.5 million students have been using our fun online game to become fluent in real code. Governments, districts and thousands of schools have chosen CodeMonkey as their coding curriculum. The company employs 10 people in Tel Aviv and NY, has raised $2m to date, and is currently active in the markets of US, Israel, Brazil, Sweden and China.

Yishai Pinchover, Co-Founder & COO
Yishai Pinchover, cofounder and VP of Business Development – Experienced tech and product leader. Initiated, managed and delivered multiple in-house startups within corporations of various sectors including as LSI Corp. (NASDAQ:LSI) and Markit Group (NASDAQ:MRKT). Yishai is an alumnus of the prestigious Technion Program for Excellence which he finished at the outstandingly young age of 19. He has served voluntarily as board chairman of an educational NGO which impacted the lives of hundreds of children from underserved population. Yishai also returned as teaching staff to his alma mater, the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

EyeFitU is the first platform & the first mobile app that helps users to shop with confidence that what they are buying is in their ‘real’ size, bringing all the major womens and mens wear brands into one place. EFU employs ‘smart’ learning technology which continues to ‘learn’ from billions of data points, matching clothes not only to measurements but ultimately to typical body shapes & style preferences globally. Users will no longer waste time worrying about what will fit.

Isabelle Ohnemus, Founder & CEO
Founder EyeFitU.
Chairwoman and VP Committee Member of Swiss Red Cross (for seven years).
Advisory Board Member at LA Dansk (for sixteen years).
Board member of The Swiss Liberal Party Women for the Canton of Zürich (for four years).
Member of Creative Women’s Circle Switzerland.