50% of the trucks drive partially empty – Quicargo is filling up the space to ensure sustainability

By 22nd October 2019 News

NOAH London is just around the corner, so we sat down with Europe’s most promising startups to learn more about why their products and services can revolutionize the digital ecosystem.

Today, we’re chatting with Avishai Trabelsi, CEO of Quicargo who will be presenting on our Startup Stage at our conference on 30-31 October at Old Billingsgate.

What does your company do? 

Quicargo is an online platform that connects empty trucks to any business that needs transportation in real time, ensuring a more efficient road freight industry while reducing CO2 emissions and congestion on the roads.

When and why did you launch the business? 

Avishai was managing his family transport company back in Israel and they were struggling with increasing competition and very low margins. When he analyzed the situation, he realized that the only thing he could do was to use their existing trucks in a better way. He found out that around 30% of his trucks were empty or partially empty and when he looked at the problem on a global scale, it was clear that the problem was much worse. He decided to quit the family business and start Quicargo in 2015. Quicargo then moved to the Netherlands as the empty space problem is even more significant. 50% of the trucks drive empty or partially empty. His goal is to tackle this problem while reducing overall CO2 emissions and road congestion

Why will you be successful? 

Quicargo is and will be successful because we are solving a real problem in the transport industry and are unique in the proposition that we have. We have a specific LTL, domestic distribution focus, which is unlike any of our competitors. We will succeed and be successful because of the lack of drivers that is increasing and the GHG emissions that need to be cut down. Sooner or later businesses will realize they need to make use of sharing economies more and more, also for their transport.

What are you looking for at NOAH? 

We are looking for investors, small and big, that are interested in our investment rounds that are coming up. Whether it be VCs, family offices or angels, we are open to discuss with anyone about this amazing investment opportunity.

Are you planning to raise funds over the coming months and what criteria should your ideal investor have?

We are currently raising a bridge round in order to triple our performance and prepare for a Series B in Q3 of 2020.

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