Revolutionizing e-businesses by combining personal data with situational relevance – ODOSCOPE’s solution

By 22nd October 2019 News

NOAH London is just around the corner, so we sat down with Europe’s most promising startups to learn more about why their products and services can revolutionize the digital ecosystem.

Today, we’re chatting with Ralph Hünermann, Founder and CEO of ODOSCOPE who will be presenting on our Startup Stage at our conference on 30-31 October at Old Billingsgate.

Could you tell us more about ODOSCOPE?

Based in Cologne, ODOSCOPE is the world’s first SaaS platform for situationalization, which adds situational awareness to operational decisions.

Situation drives relevance. Situationalization is used to identify data segments in milliseconds and act on them in real-time. Unlocking unused potentials in data lakes, we help to monetize data by generating insights and accelerating analytical business models.

In e-Business we add situational awareness to every digital touchpoint. This enables e-Business providers to revolutionize their online communication: Based on prescriptive analyses, the disruptive in-memory data grid technology adapts all digital touchpoints to the current situation and needs of each individual user in a self-learning way.

For this purpose, situational data is combined with personal data or any other type of data. This is how even unknown users can be presented with individually relevant content such as situation-aware product lists – fully GDPR-compliant, automated and in less than 20 milliseconds.

When and why did you launch the business?

ODOSCOPE was founded in 2015 after a pivot from a previous use case. It was started to revolutionize the way e-businesses address customers by using their collected data and adding situational relevance to their operational decisions.

What is your target market and how big is it?

Global annual spendings for Big Data Analytics of $275b (14% CAGR) by 2023.

What is your next big challenge?

Scaling up our company while broadening our product and market approach. In 2020 we are planning to internationalize our product and company to help more companies unlock their unused data treasures.

What are you looking for at NOAH?

I am looking forward to networking with international investors and potential corporate clients.

Are you planning to raise funds over the coming months and what criteria should your ideal investor have?

Yes, we plan to raise funds over the coming months. An ideal investor should have international experience as well as a network that would help introduce us to relevant decision makers for big data/analytics enterprise software. Additionally, B2B SaaS experience would be great.

Why should potential corporate clients meet you at NOAH?

They should meet ODOSCOPE, because we can help them unlock unused potentials in their data lakes. Our disruptive in-memory data grid technology analyses data 40x faster than Google BigQuery, 80x faster than Amazon Athena and 3x times faster than the IBM Minsky super computer cluster. Huge amounts of data can be analyzed within milliseconds. Based on prescriptive analyses this results in smarter operational decisions. Context-based. Data-driven.

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