Modern day hitchhiking solution? We sit down with the founder of FlipCar, the mobility app offering affordable commutes

By 23rd October 2019 News

NOAH London is just around the corner, so we sat down with Europe’s most promising startups to learn more about why their products and services can revolutionize the digital ecosystem.

Today, we’re chatting with Okan Gürsel, founder of FlipCar who will be presenting on our Startup Stage at our conference on 30-31 October at Old Billingsgate.

When did you launch FlipCar and what inspired the idea?

We launched FlipCar in May this year (2019) in Germany to offer an affordable and convenient way to travel from city to city for just one €. The fact that we utilize logistic trips creates a win-win situation for both sides.

What is your next big challenge?

We successfully launched FlipCar in Germany and grew very quickly; the challenge is now to expand to other European markets and to scale the business model across Europe.

What are you most looking forward to at NOAH London?

We look forward to expanding our network in the mobility sector and to get in touch with potential investors for our upcoming expansion within Europe.

Are you planning to raise funds over the coming months?

We plan to raise a Series A Round in the next few months to prepare for the European expansion. The ideal investor for us should be active in the mobility sector and should provide market access within our target cities for 2020.

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