Finally bringing yacht charter bookings online – a char with Ernur Kaya, co-Founder of GotoSailing

By 6th November 2019 News

NOAH London is just around the corner, so we sat down with Europe’s most promising startups to learn more about why their products and services can revolutionize the digital ecosystem. 

Today, we’re chatting with Ernur Kaya, Co-Founder GotoSailing who will be presenting on our Startup Stage at our conference on 30-31 October at Old Billingsgate.

Tell us more about GotoSailing is an independent online platform for yacht charter customers based on unique user experience for an enjoyable sailing holiday and a SaaS for charter operators to manage their day-to-day operations.

We are the one and only yacht charter platform that you can make 100% real-time search and make instant booking with all the boats in the portfolio.

When and why did you launch the business? has a long history as an idea. Domain names are registered back in 2008 but we waited for the right moment until the market is ready for a successful model. We have started software development in September 2017, established the company in July 2018 and we are online since January 2019.

We believe that yacht charter market is ready for online booking and there is a great opportunity for success if you know all aspects of the business well. The online part of the yacht charter market is still at an early stage; you may compare it to online accommodation or flight booking back in the beginning of 2000s.

What are your biggest milestones to date?

Receiving bookings from 19 different countries including the US, Australia and European countries within our first few months.

What is your target market and how big is it?

Our target market is yacht charter customers across the globe. It is a €12 billion market and growing at a 5.7% in the next 10 years. We are expecting more than 20% CAGR growth in online booking.

What makes GotoSailing bound for success?

We are in yacht charter business since 1989. We have developed Europe’s first online charter base management system in 2003. All of our cumulative experience has found a place at We are not just a small group of enthusiastic tech people but we are sailors who know the business, the market and the customers’ needs as well as today’s internet technology very well.

Our system has been designed on the basis of the most fundamental needs of sailing holiday customers, charter operators and boat owners. We provide solutions for real problems in industry.

What is your next big challenge?

We have started an initiative with German speaking countries sailing clubs and some NGOs even though we are “just” a start-up. Most sailing clubs offer free sailing courses to underprivileged and/or disabled children in their community. We want to grow our business while supporting the sailing community. We donate up to 3% of each booking to a club/NGO our customers choose (at no cost to them). Our next big challenge is to go global with our initiative and support sailing community across the globe.

What are you most excited about for NOAH London?

We would like to meet key opinion leaders and potential investors to help us to grow our business. 

Are you planning to raise funds over the coming months and what criteria should your ideal investor have?

Yes, we do. Potential investors are very welcome to as long as they are willing to participate in our business as mentors and active member of our advisors’ board.

Why should potential corporate clients meet you at NOAH London?

Online portion of yacht charter industry is still like early 2000s for other markets. This market needs expertise and know-how because of its niche qualities. Customers, charter operators and boat owners are pro-users and they are very well aware of what they are looking for. is a visionary and highly scalable solution with real expertise to address most of the problems in the industry at once since it is designed and developed by real sailors.

It is an old tradition that sailors salute others on the sea, so we know that people will recognize our potential for being the “real” solution in the market and thus salute us at NOAH.

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