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By 19th November 2019 News

mybacs is a D2C research-driven biotechnology company that develops health products for balanced digestion. Mybacs is also known as a winner of NOAH Berlin 19 Startup Stage competition after that the company had a chance to present at the Main Stage of NOAH London 19. 

We’ve talked to Carl-Philipp von Polheim, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of  mybacs, about  the company’s goals, the power of microbiome and their experience at NOAH London and Berlin Startup and Main Stages.

How did you come up with the idea of starting up mybacs and what was your main driving factor? 

Our Co-Founder Sebastian Wahl and I know each other from school. He is a pharmaceutical scientist and did lots of research on the human microbiome. In 2017 he approached me with the idea to develop a regionally-adapted treatment for traveler’s diarrhea. 

As we travelled a lot, together we were quite familiar with the issue and therefore eager to find an adequate solution. After diving deeper into the endless universe of microbial bacteria and its vast unexplored opportunities, mybacs was born.

You say that mybacs believes in the potential of the microbiome to improve human well-being. Could you explain how this works to a biology-unsavvy audience? 

The human gut is colonized by 38 trillion bacteria. These little helpers have a huge impact on not only your gut but all other parts of your body including the human psyche. The clinical studies that were conducted with our bacterial strains prove this to be right.

What proven results have been achieved when using mybacs product for some time? 

We measure the success of our products by customer feedback. This is done through various customer review tools. After 10 months on the market, 96% of our customers say that our products help them with digestion issues.

From the startup competition till NOAH London 19 what has changed in your company? Can you mention any important growth milestones? 

Right after the conference in Berlin we received pre-seed funding from Global Founders Capital. This enabled us to launch our daily products, double our team size and triple our revenues.

Would you recommend NOAH startup speakers to participate in the competition and why? What benefits did it bring to your company? 

Definitely. Especially when you are looking to raise funds. In Europe it is one of the best opportunities to meet investors.

You have been presenting on both NOAH stages – what are your impressions from each? What did you like most? What came to you as a surprise? 

Obviously the main stage is a lot bigger which had an effect on the overall reach. However, after both pitches the inbound of interested investors was tremendous.

What differences have you noticed between London and Berlin NOAHs? What was special for you in each location?

Both events were very well organized and the quality of speakers was exceptionally high. Even though the London conference was smaller, its event location, overlooking tower bridge, was highly memorable. 

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