NOAH Success Stories: Interviews with Startup Stage Competition Winners – Twin Science, Colendi and mybacs

By 20th November 2019 April 13th, 2020 News

NOAH London Startup Competition is happening now! Until 29 Novermber you can vote for your favourite pitches from NOAH London 19 to give winners a chance to prresent at NOAH Berlin 20 Main Stage.

We’ve talked with NOAH Berlin 19 competition winnersTwin Science, Colendi and mybacs about their experience and asked how NOAH Startup Competition impacted their success.

How did you come up with the idea of starting up your company and what was your main driving factor? 

Twin Science: Everything started as a social impact project with access to inquiry-based education in mind. Before we established Twin, we have traveled all around Turkey and made science  workshops with more than 5.000 students in rural areas as a team. 

We aimed to deliver the most advanced technology and scientific content to the most underprivileged part of society, so we developed Twin Robotics Kits to use in those workshops. 

Twin Robotics Kits include electronic modules that are compatible with each other and with building blocks so children can build their robotic projects while understanding the concepts of latest robotics technologies. 

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Mybacs: Our Co-Founder Sebastian Wahl and I know each other from school. He is a pharmaceutical scientist and did lots of research on the human microbiome. In 2017 he approached me with the idea to develop a regionally-adapted treatment for traveler’s diarrhea. 

As we travelled a lot, together we were quite familiar with the issue and therefore eager to find an adequate solution. After diving deeper into the endless universe of microbial bacteria and its vast unexplored opportunities, mybacs was born.

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ColendiIn the new financial landscape, the most crucial thing a business should take into consideration is to create innovative ways to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers.

As a credit scoring and micro-credit platform, Colendi offer customers an alternative way to get access a fairly measured credit scores with the help of big data and machine learning mechanisms of the company, which in turn can enable previously un / underbanked people that never had credit score to get access to financial services, and thus, contribute to the aim of “financial inclusion” globally.

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NOAH Berlin 19 – Startup Stage Pitches

In the time between the last startup competition and NOAH London 19 what has changed in your company?

Mybacs: Right after the conference in Berlin we received pre-seed funding from Global Founders Capital. This enabled us to launch our daily products, double our team size and triple our revenues.

Twin Science: We closed our seed round investment and NOAH provided us with great feedback from important VC’s for our next round investment. This year we hit 1m $ revenue and growing 9x. Our digital product will be announced in December and we will have a hybrid model including both physical products and digital subscription. 

Colendi: We’ve got several valuable gains such as media exposure, investments opportunities, a chance to establish credible networks and potential strategic partnerships.

Would you recommend startups to participate in NOAH startup competition?

Colendi: I believe, competition is important process for startups to improve their experiences, and to bring their businesses to the next level, while learning from each other and to work together for the global problems such as financial exclusion e.g. 

As another issue, a startup may have a product or idea, but it takes a long time to bring them to the market because of many obstacles, such as restricted assets, and sources, lack of cash flow and exposure e.g.

I would recommend NOAH startup speakers to participate in competition – it enables startups to advertise their businesses in a more practical and easier way. 

Mybacs: Definitely recommend. Especially when you are looking to raise funds. In Europe it is one of the best opportunities to meet investors.

Twin Science: I definitely recommend startups to participate in NOAH Conference  — it has a very unique ecosystem where you can meet world class investors and senior executives.  Meeting with VC’s, establishing new business partnerships was the most beneficial part of NOAH Conferences for us. And of course, it brought a great visibility and public awareness to our company, especially after our speaking slot. 

Being in NOAH ecosystem also gives you a chance to get deep insights and listen proven practices from other startups that are similar to your stage.  All in all, NOAH offers an invaluable experience.


NOAH London 19 – Main Stage Presentations

You have been presenting on both NOAH stages – what are your impressions from each?  

Mybacs: After both pitches the inbound of interested investors was tremendous. But obviously the main stage is a lot bigger and it has an effect on the overall reach. 

Twin Science: We were at startup stage at NOAH Berlin and main stage at NOAH London. Being at the main stage brought much more visibility for us. It is really important for early age startups having a chance like that. 

In addition, throughout our journey, we have learned how to use NOAH Connect application efficiently, this is another reason why we get more returns at NOAH London.

Colendi: The collaboration as well as competition environment constitute the reality of NOAH Conferences. 

The friendly collaboration between the participants in the conferences is something I really like. At the same time, the quality of audiences and participant investors, partners, and team members e.g. is very impressive. 

What differences have you noticed between London and Berlin NOAHs? What was special for you in each location?

Mybacs: Both events were very well organized and the quality of speakers was exceptionally high. Even though the London conference was smaller, its event location, overlooking tower bridge, was highly memorable. 

Twin Science: Berlin was our starting point and it helped us to get to know the NOAH ecosystem. With that experience, NOAH London was more effective for us. So, I highly recommend every startup to attend the next NOAH conference. 

Colendi: In Berlin, it was a real pleasure to get together with future-shaping CEOs and founders to exchange opinions. Similarly, in London, there was a great marketplace for companies that wanted to establish investment partnerships with capital providers and service providers trying to find relevant customers.

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