Talentry GmbH offers companies a cloud-based social recruiting software for digital employee referrals. Using Talentry, companies can inform their employees about vacant positions. Employees can then recommend these jobs via a number of channels (email, social networks, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line etc.) to suitable candidates. Additionally, an intelligent search algorithm suggests contacts from within employees’ networks, who might fit these open positions.
The software results in a win-win-win situation: The company gains a new employee, a talented person gets employed and with the recruiting process having a happy ending, the person who recommended the job to one of his contacts receives a reward. Using a digital employee referral program allows a simplified, highly transparent and cost-efficient recruiting process.
Talentry is now being used in more than 40 countries worldwide and is available in 11 languages.


Headquarters: Munich
Country: Germany
Founded: 2012

Company presentation