Axel Springer NOAH16 Berlin Startup Competition

Fraugster is a German-Israeli anti-fraud company with the goal of eliminating fraud and increasing our customers’ profits. Over the last two years we’ve invented an artificial intelligence technology that combines human-like accuracy with machine scalability. This ability lets us foresee fraudulent transactions before they actually happen.
We’re currently managing millions of transactions for clients like Visa and Mövenpick.

Max Laemmle, Founder & CEO
Max is the Founder & CEO of Fraugster. Before founding Fraugster, he cofounded the payment gateway company Better Payment and was the product evangelist at the mPOS company SumUp.

Global #1 medical e-learning platform for ultrasound, echo and sonography. Based in Vienna/ Austria the company was established in year 2010 has managed to get profitable already in 2014.
123sonography provides interactive teaching content to medical doctors, students and sonographers who want to learn echocardiography or other ultrasound techniques. The content is produced in cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna. The company is managed by a Cardiologist and an Ex Google Manager.

Klaus Müller, CEO
Klaus is Partner and CEO of 123sonography. Before joining the company in 2015 he worked more than 4 years at Google. His background is more than 18 years experience in the Internet space and contributed to several successful start ups in Austria.

Share + Value = ‘Mingle’
Established in June 2014, adMingle is already a global company operating in more than 10 countries while expanding its sales network over than 15 countries in 4 continents and counting.
adMingle is an ‘Influencer Marketing Technology’ provider of a products suite called ‘Influence HUB ’ enabling enterprises, using a reward mechanism, to retain ‘The Power of People’ to reach the right people through Social Networks and Messaging Apps.

Shlomi S. Benbasat, Founder
Entrepreneur @ heart. Actively invests and develops companies in various stages of maturity and in various industries focusing initially on New Media and Internet including Chemicals, Telecommunications and Financial Markets.

Scalable Capital is one of the leading digital investment managers in Europe.
We have build a technology, that automatically creates and manages bespoke ETF portfolios for long-term wealth creation.
We monitor and manage each client portfolio continuously with our proprietary risk management technology.
This state-of-the-art technology enables the company to offer a first class investment service, previously only available to the very wealthy and institutional investors, to private investors.

Eric Podzuweit, Co-Founder & CEO

We turn data into information. Our innovative blackbee platform technology produces valuable and exclusive eCommerce insights in any segment and language for online retailers and manufacturers. Substantially increasing their competitiveness and profitability by converting external market data into highly relevant business information.

Carina Röllig, Founder
Carina Röllig grew up in a family full of entrepreneurs and so she learned quite early what it means to start and manage a business. She studied business administration at the Technical University of Dresden and worked for several years as a product manager at a German travel business. The MBA Event Marketing at the Technical University Chemnitz broadened and deepened her experience on the topic of Corporate Communications. In 2010, when Carina Röllig was a research assistant in the research project “Web Data Integration Lab” at the University of Leipzig, she met Sabine Maßmann and Dr. Hanna Köpcke. Together they discovered the great potential of the innovative matching technology and so they founded Webdata Solutions GmbH in 2012 and released the market analysis software blackbee. Today the Leipzig-based company is now one of the fastest growing German startups and employs 40 staff members. The numerous customers include leading international brand manufacturers and retailers.