NOAH19 Berlin Startup Competition

Twin Science Kit is an informing and entertaining science kit that is composed of do-it-yourself experiments designed exclusively for children to make them love science. It teaches the operating logic of technological devices using electronic blocks that can be connected easily with the help of magnets. As the children build circuits, they learn faster thanks to the color groups and remember what they had learned easily later.Also, the arduino modules in the kit provide coding possibilities.

Omer Gorgulu, Co-Founder & CEO

Cross-border decentralized credit scoring platform using Blockchain technology to provide a secure and democratic service for the fintech world and transforming the definition of banking.

Bulent Tekmen, Co-Founder & CEO



mybacs is a Swiss pharma company where the focus lies on the human microbiome. Travelbacs – our first product is a synbiotic compound which was specifically adapted to the pathogenic profile of certain travel regions. Its aim is to reduce the strains of traveling to these regions by preparing the digestive tract using a highly dosed compound containing carefully selected probiotic strains.

Carl-Philipp von Polheim, Co-Founder & CEO

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